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Web-Host-Uploade r

Web-Host-Uploade r

Web-Host-Uploader is a simple FTP tool which uploads local website changes to a web host with a single click replacing the need to manually upload with an FTP client. For webmasters who create and maintain websites locally this little application saves time and tedium while ...

Freeware  280k 1306 Notepad Web Design


PASSPORT PC TO HOST is a powerful Windows-based terminal emulation suite designed specifically for TCP/IP communication to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX applications. As one of the market's very first IP-based connectivity solutions, the mature, feature-rich package is an ideal replacement for older desktop-based emulators, ...

Demo  62k 1607 Zephyr Corporation
Advanced Host Monitor

Advanced Host Monitor

HostMonitor is an award-winning network monitoring software that continuously monitors servers availability and performance. It can monitor any TCP service, ping a host, retrieve an URL, check the available disk space, check integrity of your files and web site, test your SQL server, and much ...

Shareware  8,804k 1522 KS Soft

RedEyes Host Monitor

RedEyes is a powerful host and network monitor designed for testing performance and availability of hosts connected to the LAN or Internet (workstations, servers, routers, etc) with an IP address, as well as services running on these devices that work with TCP and alert administrators ...

Freeware  1,485k 623 RedEyes Software

Check Host

You would like to monitor if a server or service is available?With the program Check Host you can easily monitor a server or the services of a server. Therefore define which host or ip address should be monitored. Additionally you can choose the check method: ...

Freeware  2,775k 620

HS Host Monitor

HS Host Monitor is an IP network monitoring software for Windows which allows you to monitor up down status of IP hosts on local LAN and on the Internet. Monitors using ICMP ping or TCP, sends email notifications to network administrator. Host Monitor software consists ...

Shareware  645k 762 Hillstone Software

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack for Delphi 2010

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack (Version 3.5) is a set of components and productivity tools to extend and take advantage of already developed and tested screen-oriented host applications. It provides full connectivity to IBM S/390 and AS/400 systems through standard telnet protocols.Offering a set of ...

Shareware  6,144k 814 Cybele Software Inc.

Host Integration Pack for Delphi XE

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack provides full connectivity to IBM S/390 and AS/400 systems through standard telnet protocols. Offering a set of Borland's Delphi-native, ActiveX and .NET-native components, it allows development in popular environments like Microsoft Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, ASP, ASP.NET and Delphi. TNBridge ...

Shareware  6,810k 759 Cybele Software Inc.
Acronis Backup for Virtual Host

Acronis Backup for Virtual Host

Protect your VMs with Acronis Backup 12 - the world's fastest, easiest virtual backup! - NEW! Protect VMware ESXi & Microsoft Hyper-V - both on premise & remotely - NEW! Achieve RTOs of 15 seconds or less with exclusive Acronis Instant Restore - NEW! Back up all VMs/hosts ...

Shareware  9,546k 388 Acronis LLC


PASSPORT WEB TO HOST is a powerful web-based terminal emulation suite designed for IP communication to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX applications. The mature web-to-host package offers TN3270, TN5250, SCO ANSI, VT100, VT220 and FTP clients, and is an ideal replacement for older desktop-based emulators ...

Demo  114k 1286 Zephyr Corporation
Host Security Personal

Host Security Personal

Host Security Personal(HSP) not only password-protects files and folders, it also protects you from hacker attacks when you surfing the Internet. HSP allows you to specify which websites or IP addresses can be accessed so can be used to block unhealthy websites. It can also ...

Shareware  854k 876 Y0YS Software
Testingpoint Host Monitor

Testingpoint Host Monitor

As a web host, you own a server infrastructure and provide several services for your customers. Your customers expect a 100% availability and uptime and if a server fails, they may become angry and frustrated. After all, they are paying for an online, not offline ...

Shareware  53,754k 1265 Langmeier Software
NBT Host Monitor

NBT Host Monitor

As the unique NBT monitor tool in the world, NBT Host Monitor is quite powerful and has graphic user interfaces . It could monitor thousands of windows hosts simultaneously and scan host name , group name , user name , MAC address of hosts in ...

Shareware  640k 1004 tallsoft com

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack for ActiveX

Host Integration Pack 3.0 is a set of components and productivity tools to extend and take advantage of already developed and tested screen-oriented host applications. It provides full connectivity to IBM S/390 and AS/400 systems through standard telnet protocol.Offering a set of Borland's Delphi-native and ...

Demo  5,913k 949 Cybele Software Inc
Host Evaluator

Host Evaluator

Finding good hosting is not an easy task. There are tens of thousands of web hosts out there and a large majority are poorly run and unreliable. It is not unusual for a webmaster to change hosts many times in as many months because of ...

Freeware  383k 634 Zed Seven Pty Ltd

Host Availability Monitor 1.0.2 Free Edition

Host Availability Monitor monitors the availability of multiple hosts by connecting to them on timed intervals and on the appropriate protocol and port. It can notify you by E-mail, program execution (ie- net send), or HTTP query when any of the hosts go

Freeware  443k 479

WHIPS (Windows Host IPS)

WHIPS (Windows Host Intrusion Prevention System) is a Host Intrusion Prevention System for Windows NT/XP/2003. WHIPS uses the system call interposition technics and it is developed as a kernel module.

Freeware  3,071k 373

Auto Host Manager

Auto Host Manager is an automated hosting registration, billing and customer management system for WHM/cPanel hosts. AHM will take customers details, store them in a MySQL database and create the hosting account automatically upon successful payment.

Freeware  44k 363

Common Host Bus Adapter CIM Provider

This project is developing a Java based CIM provider for Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).It uses the common HBA API developed by the Storage Nerwork Industry Association (SNIA), availableat: http://www.snia.orgThis project will conform to pro

Freeware  1,910k 424

Host Status Monitor

Free, fast and easy to use host monitoring tool. Runs with .NET 2.0+ and exists of 2 files. Add as many host/port combination as you want. This tool is written in C#. Multi-host / port combinations (ssh,telnet, dns, smtp, http, https, imap, pop3 enz.)Custom refreshtimeCustom ...

Freeware  44k 334

Host Management Extension

MX is a host management system written in Java based on the MX4J, Quartz, Java Service Wrapper, JXTA, EJtools JMX Browser, Jakarta Tomcat, WMI or nagios frameworks .It includes a JXTA adaptor for JMX, mail notification, port manager, job management etc.

Freeware  18,609k 338

Host PC IP Address updater

Periodically scans a pre-determined NIC on the host PC. If the NIC's IP address is different from last scan a mail is sent to notify of the change.

Freeware  12k 478

Host and IP-space Management Platform

Keeping DNS mappings straight can be hard. Doing so in large organizations using DHCP can be painful. This application simplifies the process by managing all the pieces in one place and generating then distributing config files as needed. Manage networks, subnets, hosts, and interfacesSupports multiple ...

Freeware  65k 307

Host.Deny- Your Fast Track Security Reso

A HOST.DENY file is a file that, when loaded to the /etc folder of your web server, will ban any paople using the IP's on this compiled list. There is also a MS Excel Spreadsheat, so you can add your own Ips to the list, ...

Freeware  484k 257

ImSafe - Host Based IDS

Immune Security Architecture For your Enterprise -- Host-Based Intrusion detection for UNIX based systems, at the process level.Detect changes in the normal behavior of processes, advanced features to detect Buffer Overflows.

Freeware  548k 308

JBud's Image Host

This image host, powered by Chevereto, is a simple image hosting interface modified for ease of use for the everyday user. Chevereto based easy to use uploading interface.Users can create albums to share multiple images.Visual administrative interface allows for admins to manage all images with ...

Freeware  1,348k 321
PASSPORT Host Integration Objects

PASSPORT Host Integration Objects

Demo  3,057k 1426 Zephyr Corporation

Mental Scripts Image Host

Mental Designs Image Hosting script is a script that allows you to upload png, gif& jpg images. it has a custom admin area that allows you to view and delete all images uploaded! easy to modify as it uses sql to store info and has ...

Freeware  61k 385

Shake host for openfx plugins.

A 'gasket' that allows openfx plugins ( to run inside Apple's Shake compositing software.

Freeware  587k 624

Bards Multi-Host-CMS

BardCMS is a Web-based management-system entirely written in PHP for simple web-contents like texts, pictures and links. It allows the user to build plenty of websites with only one tool.

Freeware  19k 379
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